Send CV

Now all the jobs you are looking for, you can find it via the internet through different web pages, in the job search one of the most frequent tasks is to send your resume by email, either responding to a job offer, especially to know what job is the one you are looking for.

Although it may not seem so, it is important to facilitate the task of reception and classification of our curriculum vitae to the receiver of the same one, because already in this step, as in the following ones we are offering an image of ourselves. To do so, follow the following tips that we offer you.

Send the curriculum vitae from the e-mail address included in it:

It is convenient that you send the curriculum vitae from the email address that appears in it, so that the staff of that company, can answer you to your personal email and be able to locate the mails received or sent to a candidate to retrieve some information, see the date it was received and its validity, or print that you have been communicated information about the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation), for example.

Use an email account with a neutral or formal name:

Another aspect to take into account is the name of the email account. If the one you use for personal use has a very informal or funny name, it would be advisable to open an account with a more neutral or formal name for your job search. Keep in mind that you are already influencing the first impression they have about you, the name of your email says a lot about you and if you are a serious person at work.

Send it in the most common format:

The general recommendation is to always send the resume in PDF, being one of the most widespread formats on the Internet for document exchange. There are free programs that you can download, or web pages, where you can convert your resume to PDF, take the one that gives you the most confidence or that you know best how to handle.

Avoid sending it in:

– WORD: Sometimes it happens that when the company opens it, its structure or order is modified by the configuration of the margins for example. It may happen that a table or graphic changes place and is superimposed over a text, or lines of text are rolled, then they will not know very well where the order goes.

– Open Office: Many companies do not have this software installed because they do not need it, in addition to the possible drawbacks of the previous point.

– Link from Drive, Dropbox: or any other cloud platform. It involves more steps, and sometimes difficulties, to view or download it.

Name the file with your first and last name.

The staff of that company usually saves the resume file by your first and last name, and organize it in folders by offers or professional profile. This allows you to locate it quickly to print it, send it or update it, and to avoid duplicates when it is received by several means at the same time or in different periods of time.

Therefore, to facilitate this task, it is recommended that you send the curriculum vitae naming the file with your name and surname, for example, «CV Antonio Delgado Suárez».

Specify correctly the subject and content of the e-mail.

If you send the curriculum vitae to a job offer, indicate in the subject of the e-mail at least «the number or reference of the offer» and the «position applied for», and if you consider it «your name and surname».

If you send the curriculum vitae on your own making self-candidature the subject of the e-mail is more open and depends on the style of writing of each one. In any case it is convenient to make reference to the fact that you are sending the curriculum vitae or that you are looking for a job, being able to specify or not a specific position.

Sending a curriculum vitae by e-mail is a relatively simple task that is not usually given importance. However, it is, since the way it is done together with the content of the resume itself, offer the first impression they will have of us, which may determine whether there is a second one or not, if you fit the profile they are looking for, they will contact you to interview you and thus take another step further.